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Dwarves love gold, as the leader of a new expedition of dwarves its your job to help them gather lots of it.


The game's finally been updated since the Ludum Dare, but still very much a work in progress. All of the bugs from the Ludum Dare are patched! 

The game is a work in progress, but there's still lots available for you to do.

What's new:

A military has been added defend your mine from the dangers that lurk below.

The forge has been reworked, and now needs to create the tools your mine needs before dwarves can use them.

3 new regions have been added with their own layout, ores, and enemies.

A tutorial has been added, no more stumbling around in the dark! Hopefully.

StatusOn hold
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TagsGameMaker, Ludum Dare 48, Pixel Art
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The Dwarven Brigade.zip 32 MB

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